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Fewer Side Effects

Enna checks in with you regularly to make sure your medications don't cause side effects.

Peace of Mind

Enna's A.I. alerts you and your physician of potential problems before they occur.

Better Results

Enna's cutting edge technology helps you get the most from your medications.

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Customer Testimonials


Amy, Cincinatti

"I was always nervous that my medications were harming me, or weren't working the way they should. Enna Health showed me that some of my health issues were actually caused by my meds. With Enna Health, I feel confident that I am safe and my medications are doing their jobs. What a tremendous resource!"

Renee, Aurora

"Enna is a tremendous help with my father. It is a great tool for anybody worried about the safety of their parents when taking taking several medications.  I was so impressed I signed up myself and my husband. We've received several alerts, including a potentially serious medication interaction."

Scott, Fort Worth

"Before Enna Health, I was suffering from several health issues. It turns out these were side effects of my medications. Also, I immediately got an alert about a potentially dangerous drug interaction. Enna Health could literally be a lifesaver! You owe it to yourself to get Enna Health."

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